Cinna is a recent addition for us. She came into our lives the summer of 2014. We brought her home from Finland.  She loves to snuggle and curl up beside you.  She is polite and is learning her obedience commands quit readily.   

She rates four stars with hunt drive when she’s in the woods.  Her focus is on birds and will find, bark alert, and stay at the sight, with persistence, and dedication.  She is also a bullet when she runs covering ground like no other.  A very athletic dog, her movement is fluid, her stamina is amazing, and is very agile.  Also a unique line to North America and will bring genetic diversity to the breed. We are very pleased to have finally found her and believe she has a lot to offer our breeding program.




OPN (Finland) – very good


OFA hips – good

Finnish Elbow exam – 0/0

Finnish Eye exam – no hereditary eye disease