Pohjanukon Puuhapete

Pohjanukon PuuhapeteIn May 2009, I flew to Finland and brought back Puuhapete.  He came from Pohjanukon Kennel of Lapua, Finland.  Previous to this, in 2007, I went to the grand champion hunt trial for Norrbottenspets in Pello, Finland, and met Seppo Pohjanoksa, the owner of Pohjanukon Kennel.  It was here he agreed to put me on his waiting list for a Finnish pup.  After a wait of two years, in March, Puuhapete was born.

Known affectionately as “Bob”, he is a fun loving endearing kind of guy.  He loves his adventures in the big outdoors.  He is a frequent companion on my husband’s mountain bike rides.  Keeps up just fine with the bigger dogs and is often referred to as “scooter” as he runs along the trials.  He has great bird drive and is on task 100% when we are hunting.  When he trees his bark is persistent and consistent. He is constant with his check in and has a good sense of direction to keep track of where we are. He also has motivation for obedience work and we have achieved a tracking title.  He is quite the little man in attitude and when you get a doggie hug it is genuine affection.  By nature, a loyal family dog and companion, a pleasure to have in our lives.




CH - Canadian Kennel Club Champion
RN - Rally Novice
First leg for RA - Rally Advance
TD - Tracking Dog


OFA hips-good
OFA elbows-good
CERF eyes-clear, 2012