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From Puppy to Hunting Dog – Pamphlet printed for new dog owners and novice hunters from Finland. Translated by Angela Cavill. In English.


Finnish Spitz – One of the few books about hunting spitzes in English. Contains information about hunting and training. Written by Angela Cavill. In English.

Hunting Laika Breeds of Russia – The only book published in English for North American spitz­hunters. Written by Vladimir Beregovoy. In English.

Laika and Hunting With It – Classic book dating back to Tsarist Russia. Written by M. G. Dmitrieva­Sulima. Since it predates Finnish independence of 1917, the book includes information about dogs owned by Finnish­speaking peoples. Still reprinted today. Text can be found freely on the Internet, and English translation can be found by asking V. Beregovoy. In Russian.

Notes of an East Siberian Hunter - synopsis by Vladimir Bergovoy.  Notes of an East Siberian Hunter by A.A. Cherkassov is among the oldest bestsellers in Russia, in print since 1865.  This book has often been called an encyclopedia of hunting in nineteenth century


Bark Game – General information about hunting with treeing dogs in North America. In English.


Spitz Club of Finland – Breed club in Finland for Karelian Bear Dogs, Norrbottenspitzes and Finnish Spitzes. In English, Finnish and Swedish.

American Norrbottenspets Association 

Canadian Norrbottenspets Association


KoiraNet – The main database for all dogs registered with Finnish Kennel Club. In English, Finnish and Swedish.

Hunting Spitz Database – Database containing pedigree, health information, and hunt trial results, for all spitz breeds in Finland


Punapippurin Kennel – In Finnish.
Pohjanukon Kennel – In Finnish.