Savo Kennel

I have been involved with Norrbottenspets since 2005.  Since acquiring my first Norrbotten I have learned so much about this courageous little dog and dogs in general.  I’ve also learned and appreciate the Finnish cultural heritage that follows this breed.  They are dogs of the woods and a hunter’s dearest companion.  Here at Savo I wish to preserve this Nordic breed's purpose as they are bred for in the homeland.

If you are looking for a dog that will share your love for the outdoors and willing to spend time keeping them active and alert the Norrbottenspets is an excellent choice for you.  I strive to breed you a long lived and healthy Norrbottenspets that will bring you as much joy and adventures as my dogs have brought me.

Club Affiliation

Member of the Canadian Kennel Club
Member of the Canadian Norrbottenspets Club
Member of the American Norrbottenspets Association
Member of the Suomen Pystykorvajarjesto
Member of the Primitive Aboriginal Dog Society

Bob having fun!

Bob having fun!